World wine trade

The “World Trade” database enables us to build long-term data sets through a system of simple or complex queries, by cross-checking the databases of different countries:

  • exports, you can compare different countries and product types (sparkling, semi-sparkling, still wines, colour, bottled, bulk, BiB), balancing currencies to the desired exchange rate and consulting by month/quarter/year; the international Combined Nomenclature has been reassembled in order to group by colour, quality brand (PDO, PGI, varietal, table wines) and macro/micro wine types;
  • imports, the system gathers together about 90% of world trade, divided by country, wine type and supplier, allowing comparative multi-level and multi-product queries.

It is possible to operate simple functions already in the system (% variations, % CAGR, % share of volume, value and average price), to graphicize in a dynamic mode and extract raw data in Excel.

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